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Easy Pimple Treatment to Deal With Your Skin Problems

It is important to make smart choices for your pimple treatment. With too many options available to deal with your skin problems, you must choose the best one that does not have side effects. Ayurveda is the right choice for pimple treatment because it is proved the best way to solve various skin problems. Ayurveda has a cure for many illness and disorders.

Pimples are the worst enemies for any girl

Pimples are common for teenagers when they go through many hormonal changes. It is highly irritating to skin concern that every girl hates! Ayurveda has simple pimple treatments that are effective and homemade. If your face is fresh and clear, your mind and body becomes fresh and clear.

Ayurveda suggests pimple treatment at home

You don’t have to visit many doctors and take medicines for a month. Consult an ayurvedic expert who will suggest you the best ingredient that will cure a pimple instantly. Most of the ingredients are available in your kitchen.

Tulsi Paste

Do you grow Tulsi plant at your home? It has the medical component that works as the best Pimple treatment. If you get fresh basil leaves, you can add few drops of warm water and make a paste. Apply the paste on your face repeat this procedure every day to get rid of pimples.

Lime and honey is an effective Pimple treatment at home

Mix a tablespoon of honey with fresh lemon juice and apply it on the pimple and dark spots. Do not apply it on aggravated pimples as it causes a burning sensation. Try to repeat this every day and you will find effective results.

Cinnamon and Honey in skin care

Cinnamon plays a vital role in pimple treatment. Dry roast the cinnamon and grind them into fine powder. Add few drops of honey, make a paste, and apply it on your face every day for effective results.

Neem leaves Perfect Pimple treatment

Make a paste of neem leaves and apply it on your face targeting the pimples. Wash it with lukewarm water. You can also add fresh neem leaves in the water before you take bath. It keeps the germs away.

Tomato or Potato treatment for a pimple

Apply the juice of the potato directly on your pimple. The sticky juice can be applied on the face for 10 to 15 minutes. Potato is natural bleach helps your skin to look fresh and clean. Follow the same procedure with the tomato juice.

Mint leaves as a cooling agent

Soak some mint leaves in water and grind them into a fine paste. Apply it on the stubborn pimple and pimple marks. The size of a pimple will reduce and it helps you to get rid of the marks.

Apart from this easy homemade pimple treatment, you need to ensure your face is clean and free from dirt and oil. You must not pinch or scratch the pimples. Eat good food and drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated and stay away from the pimple.

The Complete Guide to Acne Care

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition caused by the clogging of hair follicles with oil and dead cells which often leads to bacteria invasion.

Acne evolves in stages with initial whiteheads/blackheads which later develops into pustules/papules and finally into severe forms such as scarring and cystic nodules.

Thus Early detection and prompt treatment of acne is highly recommended to halt the progression. They appear like multiple pimple like bumps or painful red lumps on your face or anywhere in the body like the neck, back and shoulder.

This can be quite distressing for cosmetic reasons to teenagers and some adults especially when acne appears on the face.


The major causes are:

• Excessive sebum ( skin oil) production.

• Excess androgens.

• Bacteria invasion of the skin.

• Clogging of the hair follicles with sebum


• Wash affected areas twice daily and gently.

• Avoid scrubbing affected areas when having your bath.

• Avoid using oily creams.

• Avoid cleansers with gritty contents.

• Reduce intake of chocolates and skimmed milk.

• Do not squeeze or use your hands to pick an acne in order to prevent scar formation.

• Do not use astringents that will dry up the skin.

• Avoid prolonged intake of corticosteroids.

Drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily keeps the skin hydrated and toxin free.

Regular exercises daily keeps the skin pores open due to sweating and reduces the risk of acnes


Most acne usually respond to topical therapy though a combination of oral and topical therapy is more efficacious. Successful treatment lies on using a product that follows these principles of treatment:

• Inhibition of sebum production

• Limitation of bacteria growth

• Promotion of shedding of cells to unclog skin pores.



• Natural products eg plant based supplements are more tolerable because they do not have side effects unlike orthodox acne creams.

• Choose a product that has a cream and capsule supplement to attack acne internally and externally.

• Choose a product that eliminates all forms of blackheads/whiteheads

• Choose a product that contains rich antioxidants such as vitamin C, E and aloe vera to protect your skin from bacteria invasion.